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December 02, 2003

Silent Return 

The New Zealand Herald has been barred from reviewing a new film, but still wants us to know something about it:

It may be the world premiere tonight. And we may have seen the film at a media screening at the Embassy Theatre on Saturday afternoon. But it was a stipulation by the film's distributors that to see the film, you weren't allowed to review it just yet - mainly because it wouldn't do for New Zealand critics to have their say before the really important ones in the Northern Hemisphere got a chance to see it during the coming week.

So we can't actually say whether it was the single most amazing cinema experience of our recent memory or not.

Neither can we say in which bits we may or may not have got more than a little weepy, or whether we were emotionally affected at all. And we certainly couldn't even hint at which film is clearly the best in Peter Jackson's trilogy now that we've seen all three.

We probably need a second look at The Return of the King to decide for sure. Or maybe a third or a fourth ...

Warning: The full story includes plot spoilers, at least one rather substantial (if only in its implications).

(Via TheOneRing.net)


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