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February 04, 2004

New world-watching links 

I wish I had thought of Matt Drudge's phrases for his weather and seismic links: "Weather Action" and "Quake Sheet". True, nobody bets on the weather (except at Tradesports, where you can bet on the snowfall in Central Park). But somehow this kind of environmental news seems just as urgent to some people, even if they know they'll be entirely unaffected. Yes, I'm one. The "Watch" section of my list of links is supposed to meet this kind of need.

Just now, I don't have time to code them into the list, but watch for these new arrivals:

I get my weather information from the U.S. National Weather Service. The unobtrusive space on the left that says "City, St" is the key to the whole site, of course. But there's one other feature, even more deeply buried, that I relish for sheer watch value: weather data from ocean buoys, updated hourly. See their shipboard observations too. For earthquakes, the first place I look is NEIC's worldwide earthquake map. For some parts of the US, particular earthquakes are accorded a USGS ShakeMap: aren't the colors pretty?

February 03, 2004

On a roll 

The cryptic post below is explained by my having successfully hard-coded a simple blogroll in the column to the left. It's such a relief to finally have it there. Weblogs without fixed links to other sources of information are often uncomfortable pages to visit -- not so much because their authors are eccentric as because of their very disconnection from that worldwide welter of discussion which the frustrated reader knows is going on all around them.

Of course, that's fine for blogs whose whole point is their own atemporality and evanescence, or where the contributors are having more than enough fun among themselves. Otherwise, however, the page looks shockingly incomplete; although a sharp, steady contributor, well-placed for observation, can still rescue even a blog with no external links whatsoever, as Samuel Pepys is proving, still I'm sure the effort requires the single-minded devotion he gave it; those of us who aren't even clear yet why we joined the blogging experiment, simply can't maintain an isolated blog through our wits and witness alone.

So kids, the lesson is this: Unless you know you're just going Pepys, when you go to the blog, make sure there's a roll.

Thank you. I'll be here all week.

ERRATUM: John J. Reilly's weblog, The Long View, also linked above, does in fact have a blogroll, but as it's vertically centered it isn't always visible in the window when the page loads. UPDATE: The Bellona Times has one too, sort of, but it's on a separate page, so I don't think it should count.


Okay, I think we can consider this leaf well and truly turned. Happy Groundhog Day +1, all.

February 02, 2004

Even better 


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